How Do You Know When It's Time For A Roof Replacement?

Your home is one of the most valuable investments that most people have. Regular maintenance, repair, and revamping are vital to protect this investment. Homeowners are keen to carry out interior and exterior projects to achieve their dream home but tend to overlook the roof.

A quick question, when was the last time you checked the condition of your roof? And does your home need a roof replacement? 

Residential Home's Roof Damaged Ashphalt Shingles

The roof is essential to your home’s safety, comfort, and curb appeal. It protects your loved ones and possessions from harsh weather elements and makes your property look attractive. If your roof is damaged or compromised, you, your family, and your possessions will be exposed to tremendous risk.

Also, a roof past its functional lifespan is prone to leaks which can cause mould, structural damage, and costly repairs. While regular roof maintenance can help maintain your roof in good condition, you’ll need a roof replacement eventually.

But how do you know when it’s the right time for a roof replacement? Read more to learn the top signs you might need to replace your roof.

Age of the Roof

One of the key signs of a roof replacement is age. It’s vital to determine the lifespan of your existing roof material to evaluate whether you need a roof replacement. Also, every roofing material has a different lifespan.

For instance, copper, tile, and slate roofs might last for more than fifty years and only require replacement when damaged. Wood tile and wood shake tiles need a replacement every thirty years, while asphalt roofs need a replacement every fifteen to forty years on avg.

Most residential roofs have asphalt shingles as the roofing material. If your roof is fifteen to twenty years, you need a professional inspection to determine if a replacement is required. If not necessary immediately, the expert will provide an accurate estimate about the time you have before the replacement. 

Also, avoid trying to handle the roof inspection on your own. With age, the granules on the shingles loosen, making it very dangerous to walk on the roof. To avoid severe injuries or worse, reach out to an experienced company to evaluate your roof.

Shingles With Missing Granules

Asphalt Roof In Hamilton That Has Missing Granules

Shingles are protected from the UV rays by the granules. Granules are small pieces of rocks coloured differently and are coated on the asphalt shingle.

You’ll likely notice some bald spots on the shingles when looking at your roof from the ground. The pattern, depth, and texture are different from other areas on these spots. Also, you may find granules collecting in the gutters or where the gutters drain.

If your shingle granules start wearing off, this is a sign they are old and weathered. If your roof is not anywhere near the end of its lifespan, then granule loss may result from storm damage.

If only a few shingles are worn-out due to storm damage, you need to have them replaced as soon as possible. Delay may increase the damage, and you’ll end up having to replace the entire roof. However, if your roof is old, chances are it’s time to replace the roof.

When not sure whether to repair or replace an asphalt shingle roof, work with a reputable roofing contractor to help you make an informed decision.

Missing Shingles

Most homeowners take missing shingles as a trivial issue until they learn of the dire consequences. It doesn’t matter whether you didn’t notice some shingles were missing or you simply overlooked it; this can escalate to astronomical costs. Missing shingles is one of the outright signs you need fixing a roof or replacement.

With missing shingles, your roof becomes vulnerable to leaks. Delays will cause water damage to your roof, which worsens the situation. In such a situation, replacing the few missing shingles can’t be effective if the damage has spread to the underneath roof structure.

If you notice missing shingles, contact a roofing contractor promptly. They will examine whether the missing shingle has exposed other parts of your roof to water damage. This way, they can make an informed decision of whether you need a roof replacement or repair depending on the extent of the damage.

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles are a sign the asphalt in shingles is drying and shrinking with time. Eventually, shingles become brittle, making the roof vulnerable to high winds. The wind will be trapped underneath shingles, lifting them, causing curling, and finally detaching them.

If the issue is only with a few shingles, then a rooftop repair can solve the problem. However, widespread shingle curling will require a roof replacement to restore the integrity of your roof. But you aren’t in a position to determine whether you need a roof repair or replacement; contact an experienced roof contractor for the job.

Roof Leaks

Have you noticed wet wood in your attic? Perhaps there are visible dark spots on your ceilings, walls or the ceiling is sagging. If so, this might indicate a roof leak, and a roof replacement may be inevitable.

Even though not all leaks are due to the roof, a reputable roofing company can help determine the source of the problem. They will inspect the attic, roof’s exterior, and interior for any damages and leaks. After inspection, they will offer a detailed report of the problem, and if it’s with your roof, they advise whether you need a repair or replacement.

A Leaking Roof In A Hamilton Home Kitchen

Here Are Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

The roof is the most expensive part of your home to maintain and the most significant. By ignoring a roof repair or replacement, you risk the safety of your loved ones and possessions. When it’s time for a roof replacement, don’t hesitate.

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