downtown hamilton


Where we call home for the last 40 years. Hamilton is a older city with a lot of history. If you're in need of a new roof installation for your older home, or just some roof repairs, you can trust us to handle the job.

burlington ontario


Burlington's hot and humid summers paired with their freezing winters puts a lot of stress on a home's roof. These extreme fluctuations of temperatures means you need to keep an eye on your house's roof.

milton ontario


In rapidly expanding Milton, Southern Ontario, we cherish enhancing its beautiful homes. Whether upgrading siding, windows, or doors, we relish working in this vibrant city.



With Mississauga being located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it can see some extreme winter weather as well as the usual hot summers. This can lead to exterior house damage like leaking roofs and eavestroughs.



As Ontario's largest town, Oakville experiences a wide weather range due to its Great Lakes location. Homes closer to the lake can face harsher conditions, leading to potential roof damage.


Located along the Grand River, Brantford endures weather extremes from scorching summers to harsh winters. Such conditions can lead to exterior home damages like leaky roofs and eavestroughs.

Niagara Falls

Situated near Niagara Falls, this city faces varying weather extremes, from hot summers to cold winters, potentially leading to roof damage.